Welcome to our website, a gateway to all things PartnersJordan and the state of civil society in Jordan. Here you can learn about our local and regional projects, upcoming activities and events, and receive news about the state of Jordanian civil society. We hope our website informs you about the importance of our work. Thank you for visiting!

Our Goal

PartnersJordan seeks to enhance good governance through developing participatory and innovative solutions and encouraging greater inclusiveness and protection of civil society in Jordan as well as across the MENA region.

Our Vision

Prosperity can be achieved through responsible participative citizenship.

Our Mission

PartnersJordan (PJ) is a Jordanian non-profit committed to advancing civil society, promoting mediation, conflict management and a culture of change, and encouraging citizen participation in Jordan’s social and political development.

What We Do

Social Accountability


Local Development

Capacity Building

Civic Collaboration

Research & Resources

Regional Partnerships

Good Governance

Public Participation

Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA)

Participatory Budgeting

Budget Transparency



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